About Us

Discover how Best Windows Software was born, my commitment to provide you with the best PC content and our quality guidelines.

No matter who you are, if a seasoned computer user or someone who can’t do much more than browse the internet, our mission is the same – to help you find a solution to the problem plaguing your PC (or, at the very least, to give you with a direction of what to do next.

As someone who worked for over five years in the PC software industry, and who developed an insider’s perspective of the good and the bad in this field, I created Best Windows Software to provide you with the most comprehensive Windows tutorials you will ever find on the internet (not an empty promise) and to recommend you the best software that you didn’t even know it exists.
All the information on this website is written personally by me, and it follows three guidelines:

  • It should not waste your time (all tutorials and articles are written straight to the point and in a way that is easy for you to jump exactly to what you are looking for.)
  • It should give you a direction (my goal is not only to deal with the specific problem itself in each article but also to help those who aren’t good with computers to develop the right step-by-step mindset when approaching PC problems.)
  • It should recommend only what I use myself (even though I can provide you with several solutions to solve the same problem, which you can test yourself if you want, I will only recommend software that I utilize or utilized in my own PCs.)

Before you go let me tell you something else: this website may use affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission if you purchase some (not all) of the software recommended in Best Windows Software at NO extra cost for you. By purchase through these links, you actually help this website, without paying anything more, to keep providing quality content to a wider audience of people just like you.

All in all, I hope you find as much value in this website as the amount of work and dedication I put into each one of these articles.

If you want to send me a message for any reason, you can find my contact info on our contact page.