Fix: The Version of AMD Radeon Software You Have Launched

Learn the fix "The Version of AMD Radeon Software You Have Launched Is Not Compatible with Your Currently Installed AMD Graphics Driver"

If your AMD graphics card is suddenly not working correctly and you get the error “The version of AMD Radeon Software you have launched is not compatible with your currently installed AMD Graphics driver,” you are having driver issues.

This error happens because Windows Update automatically installs the wrong graphics driver, and this causes the AMD graphics card to malfunction.

So, to fix this issue, you need to roll back to a previous working driver or install the latest drivers from the AMD website, and then stop Windows from automatically updating your AMD graphics card driver by making changes in the Registry Editor or the System Properties.

Next, I will show you how to do each of those step-by-step.

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How to Permanently Fix “The Version of AMD Radeon Software You Have Launched is Not Compatible”

The first step is to roll back your drivers to the one working previously in the Device Manager (or to install the latest one from the AMD official website.) Then we will prevent Windows from automatically installing drivers again.

Step 1: Roll back your AMD Graphics driver.

  1. Enter Device Manager on Windows Search and press Enter:
  2. Expand Display Adapters to find your AMD Graphics card.
  3. Right-click on your AMD Graphics Card and click on Properties:
  4. Go to the Driver tab, and click on Roll Back Driver.
  5. Choose a previous driver to roll back to.

If you want to install the latest AMD drivers instead, go to AMD’s official website, use the auto-detect, and install the tool to find the right driver for your AMD graphics card.

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This will fix this problem for now.

Step 2: Disable Windows Automatic Driver Updates.

Changing your driver will fix the issue, but if you want to prevent this error from reappearing every few days, you will need to disable Windows automatic driver updates.

You can disable this feature in System Properties or by making changes in the Registry Editor. Both methods will stop automatic updates for all of your devices.

Follow the steps below to prevent Windows from installing drivers again on your PC:

How to Disable Windows Automatic Driver Install for All Devices via System Properties

  1. Launch the Run dialog by pressing Windows key + R, and type systempropertiesadvanced.exe, then press OK:
  2. In System Properties, go to the Hardware tab and click on the Device Installation Settings:
  3. In the next windows, click on No (your device might not work as expected):

If this doesn’t work, try to disable it via the registry editor.

How to Disable Windows Automatic Driver Install for All Devices via Registry Editor

  1. Enter Registry Editor on Windows Search, then click on Open:
  2. Click yes to allow Windows to make changes to your device.
  3. On the Registry Editor, go to the following path:
  4. Right-click on SearchOrderConfig and select Modify:
  5. Change value data to 0:
  6. Reboot your PC

As you probably know by now, Windows Update does an awful job of installing drivers. After disabling it, I recommend installing reliable third-party driver software such as Driver Booster.

Driver Booster allows you to update all your drivers at once and to visualize all your drivers and their status very easily.


The error message “The version of AMD Radeon Software you have launched is not compatible with your currently installed AMD Graphics driver” is caused by Windows Update installing the wrong driver.

To fix this issue, you need to restore your previous AMD Graphics driver by right-clicking on your AMD Graphics Card in the Device Manager and then clicking on Roll Back Driver under the Driver Tab.

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