Do I Need Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime? Is It Ok to Uninstall it?

In this article we explain whether you really need Microsoft Edge WebView2 on your PC and if it is ok to uninstall it?

What is it? Microsoft WebView2 Runtime is a runtime application that uses Microsoft Edge to render web-based features on Microsoft 365 applications.

It aims to provide users with the same experience whether using Office apps on the web or Windows.

So, you don’t need Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime installed on your Windows unless you want some of your Office 365 app features, such as the Room Finder in Outlook. 
Simply put, if you don’t use Office in work or school environments, you probably won’t need it.

But Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime is using up RAM on your PC by running multiple instances in Task Manager, as it runs by default in Windows 11 (and with the latter versions of Microsoft Office in Windows 10.)

So, you can free up resources by uninstalling it, but is it ok to do so?

Why It is Ok to Uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

On its official website, Microsoft clearly states that the Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime was developed to provide Microsoft 365 Apps with a set of features, and it doesn’t do anything beyond that.

So you can uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView 2 Runtime without any harm to your PC; just keep in mind that without it, you won’t be able to use Microsoft 365 features (namely Outlook features) which require WebView to run properly.

By uninstalling it, you will free up over 552MB of disk space and around 50-60MB of RAM. So, it is a good choice for users on a low-end PC.

Important: Microsoft WebView2 Runtime might become more and more essential to run other Windows applications. But you won’t lose anything if you uninstall it now, as you can always install it later if you change your mind.

(There is another Windows built-in app that I found running multiple instances in Task Manager. I’ve written about that; check it out if you want to free up RAM right now.)

The Safe Way to Uninstall Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

The standard way of uninstalling apps is by doing it on Settings > Apps > Apps & Features. But Microsoft does not allow users to uninstall WebView 2 through Windows, as it wants to push its own apps.

Important: Microsoft WebView2 Runtime is installed under the path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\EdgeWebView, but do not try to delete it manually.

Instead, use a third-party uninstaller to remove this application safely:

  1. Download IObit Uninstaller and install it on your PC.
  2. Open it, and under All Programs, find Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime:
  3. Click on the Uninstall button and wait for the process to finish.

(With this application, you can uninstall multiple programs at once. So take this opportunity to free up more resources on your PC.)

Reinstalling Microsoft Edge Webview 2 Runtime

If you want to reinstall Microsoft Edge Webview 2 Runtime, you can download the offline installer and silent install it by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Webview2 official webpage, then click on Download Now:
  2. Click on the x64 button under Evergreen Standalone Installer on the next page to download Edge Webview 2:
  3. Save the installer to your Downloads folder.
  4. Now, enter Command Prompt on Windows Search and click on Open:

    The next step will fail if you open the Command Prompt with Run as Administrator.
  5. On the Command Prompt, enter the following command to open your Downloads folder on cmd:
    cd Downloads
  6. Now, run the following command to silent install WebView 2 Runtime:
    MicrosoftEdgeWebView2RuntimeInstallerX64.exe /silent /install


As explained above, Microsoft Edge WebView2 is a runtime application responsible for embedding web content in apps (often Office add-ins in Microsoft 365 apps), so you likely will only need it if you use Office at work or school.

You can only uninstall it using a third-party application since it is impossible to uninstall it through Windows right now. If you change your mind, you can always install it again on Microsoft’s Official Website.

Another app that comes pre-installed in Windows is the Mixed Reality Portal. I’ve written an article on what is the Mixed Reality Portal app and whether you need it.

If you want to free up more resources in Windows 11, check my article on how to disable Windows Input Experience in Windows 11

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