Do I Need Microsoft Mixed Reality Portal? Can I Uninstall it?

Read here what is the Mixed Reality App that comes pre-installed in Windows and whether you need it on your PC.

What is it? Mixed Reality Portal is a Windows app that comes pre-installed by default in Windows 11 and in Windows 10 after the Fall Creators Update. Its main feature is to help users ensure whether their PC hardware can run Mixed Reality.

But it also allows users to experience Mixed Reality on their PCs with games and other tools. You need a Windows Mixed Reality headset connected to your PC to run it.

You only need Mixed Reality Portal installed on your PC if you want to experience Virtual Mixed Reality or to know whether your hardware is powerful enough to run it. The app has no other function besides that.

But is it ok to uninstall it? This is what we will see next.

Can You Uninstall Microsoft Mixed Reality Portal?

As previously explained, the Mixed Reality Portal app has no other importance besides the Mixed Reality features. So, you can safely uninstall it, as you won’t be missing anything by doing it.

You can free up around 18MB of disk space by uninstalling the app if you didn’t set it up before.

If you did it, the Mixed Reality Portal will take over 2GB of disk space, which comes from the additional software that Microsoft installs during its setup.

If you are bent on uninstalling it, you don’t need to worry about not having it later. If you ever want to try Windows Mixed Virtual Reality, you can always reinstall it later.

How to Uninstall the Mixed Reality Portal App?

Unlike some native Windows apps like the Microsoft Edge Webview2 Runtime that cannot be uninstalled easily, it is possible to uninstall the Mixed Reality Portal app directly from Apps & Features.

If Apps & Features doesn’t work, you can uninstall it with a third-party uninstaller such as IObit Uninstaller.

Using Apps & Features

  1. Enter Apps & Features on Windows Search and click on Open:
  2. Under App list, browse down until you find the Mixed Reality Portal app:
  3. Click on the three dots next to it, then click on Uninstall:
  4. Follow the Wizard.

Using IObit Uninstaller

I recommend this method as it allows you to uninstall multiple programs at once; it will enable you to quickly check which programs take up the most disk space on Windows, and uninstall other useless Windows Apps.

  1. Download IObit Uninstaller and install it on your PC.
    (Make sure to uncheck any additional software that it tries to recommend to you unless you want to try them.)
  2. Open it and under Windows Apps find Mixed Reality Portal:
  3. Select it, then click on the Uninstall button on the upper-right corner:

How to Reinstall the Mixed Reality Portal App

You can easily reinstall the Mixed Reality Portal using the Microsoft Store app on Windows. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Enter Microsoft Store on Windows Search and click on Open:
  2. In the Microsoft Store search bar enter Mixed Reality Portal:
  3. Click on the Get button in the upper-right corner and follow the instructions:

Or you can also directly open the Microsoft Store page and download it there.


The Mixed Reality App is a native Windows app that lets users know whether their PC hardware is compatible with Mixed Reality and allows them to experience Mixed Reality through games and other tools.

You don’t need this app if you are not interested in virtual reality, and you can uninstall it on Apps & Features or by using IObit Uninstaller. You can download it from the Microsoft Store if you want to try it later.

Another app that is unnecessary for many users is the Phone Link app. If you want to free up more resources, I’ve written an article on how to disable Phone Link from automatically running at startup.

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