Is Opera GX Better than Chrome? We Did a Test to Find Out.

We compared Opera GX and Chrome on performance, features, extensions, and customization. Is Opera GX really better than Chrome? Check here.

Opera GX was developed in June 2019 to be the first browser ever aimed at a gamer audience by ensuring a lower usage of system resources compared to other browsers and offering a few gaming-related features.

But how does it stack against Google Chrome?

Opera GX uses less memory and system resources than Chrome, although the difference is small since both are Chromium browsers. Opera GX does nearly everything that Chrome does but adds key features such as limiting the RAM and CPU used by the browser, which makes Opera GX better than Chrome right now.

I believe Opera GX is the better option for gamers and a superior browser for most users as well (If you are not a gamer, then the Opera browser is the best choice.)

I don’t expect you to believe in just my words, so below, I wrote a comparison between Opera GX and Chrome on four different aspects: performance, features, browser extensions, and customization.

Read it, and you will understand why I think Opera GX is the superior browser.

Opera GX x Chrome: Which is the Better?

Performance comparison (Winner: Opera GX)

Many comments and reviews around the Internet claim Opera GX is the faster option, as it is said to use fewer resources than Google Chrome.

But instead of taking others’ words for granted, I opened two websites, Youtube and this website, on both Opera GX and Chrome; and I made sure that no extensions were installed on them (except the Opera GX native ones.)

This is the result that I got in Windows Task Manager:

As you can see, even though Opera GX has more processes running (12 against 9 from Chrome), it uses 19.2% less memory than Google Chrome.

(To understand what the numbers inside the parentheses mean by checking your browser’s task manager, read the article I’ve written on it.)

I opened each browser’s task manager to take an in-depth look at the memory usage in both browsers. You can see the results below:

When we compare the resource usage of both browsers side by side on a table, we have different numbers than on Windows task manager, but the conclusion is the same:

Use of Memory (in KB) by ComponentOpera GXGoogle ChromeComparison
GPU process212,300269,684-57,384
Utility: Network Service11,43278,448-67,016
Utility: Storage Service6,6088,724-2,116
Utility: Audio Service7,7267,536+190
Spare Renderer:13,51213,024+488
Native Extensions96,4360+96,436

Despite coming with some pre-installed extensions that Chrome doesn`t, Opera GX also wins in the browser task manager comparison, but this time with a minor advantage over Google Chrome, only 7.18%.

So when it comes to performance, the test concludes that Opera GX uses about 19.2% less memory than Chrome according to the numbers in the Windows task manager and about 7.18% less memory according to the numbers in each browser`s task manager, thus being the faster browser.

The slight difference in performance is not a surprise, as both browsers were built using the Chromium architecture.

However, Opera GX has a significant advantage in ensuring better performance on low-end PCs, as we will see in the next section.

Features comparison (Winner: Opera GX)

Opera GX is loaded with a few features that are missing from Chrome, and some of them can be a must-have for many users.

Opera GX is the better choice regarding its features. It is a clear choice not only for low-end PCs or users who run resource-intensive tasks but also for other types of users who can benefit from features like the Battery Saver. However, if you need multiple-user support for your browser, your choice should be Google Chrome.

Keep reading for a better explanation and a side-by-side comparison.

Performance Related Features

The main feature of these features is called GX Control, and it is beneficial for low-end PCs or users who want to limit the number of resources allocated to the browser.

In GX Control, you will find the following options:

  • Hot tabs killer: This allows you to visualize how much CPU and memory each opened tab uses without opening the browser’s task manager; you can also end these tabs here. It is convenient to free up RAM quickly, but not a must.
  • Network limiter: This allows you to limit how much bandwidth Opera GX can use. It can be handy if you play online games or stream while using your browser.
  • CPU limiter: This allows you to limit how much CPU Opera GX can use. It is very useful for low-end PCs.
  • RAM limiter: This will enable you to limit how much memory Opera GX can use. It is also very useful for low-end PCs.

Battery Saver features

Another essential feature in Opera GX is the Battery Saver mode, which helps with saving battery power on laptops. It is helpful for anyone and is currently missing on Chrome.

Cleaning features

In Opera GX, there are tools to simplify cleaning cookies and temporary files from your browser and a screenshot function. You also have them on Chrome or add them with a browser extension.


Opera GX also comes with an integrated free VPN, but I do not recommend you use it. It is better to stay away from free VPNs.

Multiple-user support

Google Chrome has a multiple-user support feature, which allows using a guest account or switching between different user profiles. It will enable multiple users to share the browser while allowing each account to retain its settings, themes, and browsing history. This feature is not present on Opera GX, so it is only possible to log in with one user account at a time.

Features side-by-side comparison

Here is a side-by-side comparison of both browsers’ features:

FeatureOpera GXGoogle Chrome
Close tabs that are using too many resourcesYes, slightly more convenient.Yes.
Network LimiterYes.No.
RAM LimiterYes.No.
CPU LimiterYes.No.
Battery SaverYes.No.
Cleaning toolYes, slightly more convenient.Yes.
Multiple-user supportNo.Yes.

Browser Extensions comparison (Winner: Opera GX)

Opera GX is a chromium-based browser, the same architecture on which Chrome was developed, so all browser extensions available for Google Chrome are also available on Opera GX.

On the other hand, browser extensions available in Opera’s GX own extension store are not compatible with Google.

Opera GX can use all the browser extensions available for Google Chrome while still having its extension store, which makes Opera GX the superior choice for browser extensions.

Another thing that stands out about Opera GX is how you can use browser extensions conveniently. For example, you use the sidebar to pin shortcuts to social networks and messengers. So, you can run WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Twitch, and Instagram directly from Opera. You won’t need a dedicated tab or the Windows versions of these services.

For example, you can use the sidebar to watch YouTube while simultaneously browsing other websites by downloading a simple extension:

If your Youtube sidebar extension (or other sidebar extensions such as Twitter) is blocked by Opera GX, try to install the Ignore X-Frame Headers browser extension. It will make your sidebar extensions work again.

(To discover another great browser extension while improving your Google Search Results, check my article on how to block Pinterest from Google Search results.)

Customization comparison

Opera GX and Chrome allow the user to modify the browser’s graphical interface to suit their personal preferences. Still, the way the customization is done differs between them.

In Opera GX, customization is completely integrated into the browser. With a few clicks, the user can change colors, transition effects, browser sounds, and set wallpaper. In Chrome, the customization is done through themes available in the Chrome Web Store.

These themes will also change the colors, buttons, tab styles, and other items in Google Chrome. And since these themes are user-installed packages, they can modify the browser appearance more profoundly than is possible in Opera GX.

Here it is a tie, as both have their advantages and disadvantages, being more a matter of personal opinion.


Opera GX beats Google Chrome on performance by a small margin, but what makes Opera GX the best browser is its unique features, such as the Network/RAM/CPU limiter, Battery Saver mode, and sidebar extensions.

So you would do well by having Opera GX instead of Chrome as your primary browser unless you need Chrome’s multiple-user support. Or if you have a high-end PC and are unwilling to switch browsers.

If you liked some of Opera GX’s features but would prefer not to have gaming-related features. Try the Opera browser to keep the sidebar and the battery saver features.

If you want to understand more about browsers and your privacy, read my article on where is the Incognito mode history saved.

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