How to Fix Lock Screen Shows the Wrong Time in Windows 10/11

See here how to fix this issue where the lock screen shows the wrong time in Windows during Daylight Saving Time.

Problem: In countries with Daylight-Saving Time (DST), Windows shows the correct time when logged in but the wrong time on the lock screen, usually one hour before DST.

This issue seems related to recent Windows updates; to fix it, you need to ensure that your clock settings are correct.

Press Windows key + i to open Settings, go to Time & language > Date & time, then make sure that you toggle both Set Time Automatically and Adjust for Daylight Saving Time on, select your correct Time Zone and then reboot your PC.

Make sure to reboot your PC after adjusting your settings.

If this doesn’t work, try the method below.

(If, no matter whether you set your time zone manually or automatically, your time zone keeps changing to Pacific, check the article I’ve written on it.)

How to Fix Windows Lock Screen Showing the Wrong Time

Another method that you can try is first to adjust your clock manually and then change it back to automatic, as shown below:

  1. Enter Settings on Windows Search and click on Open:
  2. Click on Time & language on the left sidebar, then select Date & time.
  3. Toggle off Set time automatically, then click on the Change button next to Set the date and time manually:
  4. Set your time manually.
  5. After that, toggle on Set time automatically.
  6. Reboot your PC.

This should work.

(To know how to uninstall the Alarm and Clock app on Windows 10, I’ve written on it.)


If your lock screen is showing the wrong time during daylight saving time, try to turn on Adjust for Daylight Saving Time and Set Time Automatically then reboot your PC.

You can also set the time manually, then set it to auto again and reboot your PC.

If the option to create folders is missing on Windows 11, check my article on how to fix create new folder is missing.

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