How to Fix Mediatek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 Card Not Working

Read in this article how to fix this issue where the Mediatek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 card is not working after an Windows Update.

Problem: The MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 card can’t detect any network and suddenly disconnects from the Wi-Fi forcing users to reboot their PCs, especially on Asus laptops.

Cause: This issue started mainly after the June 2022 Update, and it stems from a Windows Update modifying the BIOS setting.

Solution: Unplug everything from your laptop, including the AC adapter, then press the Power button for 60 seconds to hard reset your Wi-Fi card. After holding the button for the whole 60 seconds, turn on your laptop. Now, your Wi-Fi should be working.

If your network card is still not working, try the following solutions:

  • Ensure that your Wi-Fi 6 network card and router use the same Wi-Fi standards. Or else your Wi-Fi will keep disconnecting.
    Check how to do this in my article on the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 network adapter that also keeps disconnecting.
  • Update your network card drivers. It is possible that Windows Update installed the wrong driver on your PC.
  • Reset your BIOS. Since the problem is caused by Windows Update modifying the BIOS setting, resetting the BIOS works very well.

Updating your Mediatek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 Card Drivers

You can update your Mediatek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 driver via the MyASUS app or via a driver updater software.

If none of these options work, try to install an older driver.

Option 1: Using the MyASUS app

  1. Press Windows Key + X to open the Power User menu and click on Device Manager.
  2. In the Device Manager, expand Network Adapter to find MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 Wireless LAN Card.
  3. Right-click on MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 and select Uninstall:
  4. Now open the Microsoft Store, and download the MyASUS app:
  5. Run the MyASUS app, then click on Customer Service.
  6. Go to the LAN tab, and download the latest driver for your network adapter.
  7. Open the downloaded file and run the setup file to update your MediaTek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 driver.

Option 2: Using a Driver Updater

  1. Download Driver Booster and install it.
    (I suggest you uncheck the boxes recommending you install other programs.)
  2. Open Driver Booster and click on the Scan button to verify your drivers:
  3. When the scan is complete, find Network Adapters (you will see Mediatek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921 written under it), the list of devices, and click the Update button.

(You can also check all drivers in the outdated list to update all drivers at once.)

Option 3: Install an older MediaTek driver

If updating your driver on MyASUS or a driver updater didn’t work, try the MediaTek-FORCED-10×64-79xx_3.03.01.0508 driver. This worked for many users.

(For other ideas on troubleshooting your Wi-Fi connection, check my article about fixing Wi-Fi disconnecting on Windows.)

How to Reset your ASUS PC BIOS to Factory Settings

Another option is to reset your BIOS to its default factory settings to undo the Windows update’s modifications. This method has a high probability of fixing your network issues.

To reset your BIOS:

  1. With your PC turned on, press and hold the Power Button for over 20s.
  2. Turn your PC on again, but this time press F2 repeatedly to open your BIOS settings:
  3. On your BIOS settings, press F9 to load Setup Defaults and reset your BIOS to factory settings, then click on Yes to confirm.
  4. Then press F10 to Save and Exit, and click on Yes to confirm.

(If you are getting the OOBEEULA error after a factory reset on Windows 10/11, check out the article I’ve written on it.)


The reason your Wi-Fi 6 Mediatek mt7921 network card is not working is probably due to Windows Update changing your BIOS settings.

In this case, unplug everything from your ASUS laptop and then hold the Power button for 60 seconds. After that, turn your laptop on again, and it should work.

If this doesn’t work, try to update your network card driver while ensuring that your router and your Wi-Fi 6 Mediatek mt7921 use the same Wi-Fi standards. Or reset your BIOS to factory settings.

If you have the Armoury Crate running on your ASUS laptop and you need to know what this app does, I’ve written an article on what Armoury Crate is and whether you need it on your PC.

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