How to Fix Minecraft Can’t Set Up Profile Name on Java Edition

Read here why you can't set up a profile name on Minecraft: Java Edition and how to quickly fix this so you can install and play the game.

Many people who bought the Minecraft Java edition face issues when trying to set up a profile name; they click on the “THAT’S ME” button, but there is no response, and they find themselves unable to play.

This is an issue with the PC Minecraft launcher where access to the Minecraft server is blocked by CORS policy when requested by the Microsoft Account on your browser, so you cannot create a profile name.

So instead of using the PC launcher, try to change your profile name on your phone and create your username on your phone browser. After you create a profile name on your phone, you can use it on your PC Minecraft Launcher, and now you can install the game successfully.

This will fix the issue for most users.

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Try the solutions below if you still have this issue or see the “failed to create profile” message.

Fix Minecraft Set Up Profile Name Not Working by Disabling your VPN

As explained above, you can’t set up a profile name because the Minecraft server blocks access from your browser. This can happen if you have your VPN turned on.

Some games don’t, such as Minecraft Java (or the Pokémon Trading Card Game), will not allow you to access their servers if you are connected with a VPN, so to set up a profile name in Minecraft try to disconnect from your VPN while you create a profile name.

If this doesn’t work at first, try to reboot your PC after disconnecting your VPN (assuming that your VPN is not set to run at startup.)

If it didn’t work at all, try the solution below.

Change your Profile Name on the Minecraft Website

Another option to bypass the issue between the Microsoft and the Minecraft servers is to change your profile name on the Minecraft Website as explained below:

  1. Open the Minecraft official website and log in with your Microsoft account:
  2. Go to the My Games tab and click on Minecraft: Java Edition box:
  3. On the next window, click on Profile Name:
  4. Input a new user name and click on the Change Profile Name button.
  5. Start your Minecraft launcher, and you should be able to install and play the game.

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You can’t set up a profile in Minecraft Java because your Microsoft account cannot connect to the Minecraft servers due to an error.

You can fix this by logging into with your phone and changing your profile name. Or try to do this with your PC by logging in with your Microsoft account.

This can also happen if you have your VPN turned on when trying to set up a profile name. In this case, turn off the VPN connection before trying.

If none of those work, you need to wait, as Mojang said they are looking into this on Twitter:

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