Can I Uninstall Intel Graphics Command Center? Is It Safe?

In this article you will know whether it is safe to uninstall Intel Graphics Command Center and how to disable it without uninstalling it.

You probably found a process called Intel Graphics Command Center running on the task manager, and you may want to know if you can uninstall Intel Graphics Command Center. Is it safe?

You can safely uninstall Intel Graphics Command Center (IGCC); it won’t cause any harm to your PC. The IGCC is simply a graphics control panel made to improve gaming and adjust display settings. Uninstalling it won’t affect your Intel Graphics drivers.

If you don’t use your PC for gaming or if you never needed its display and video settings, chances are the Intel Graphics Command Center is useless for you, so you can consider uninstalling it.

Besides uninstalling, you can also choose to disable the Intel Graphics Command Center from running at startup. This will prevent it from running in the background while keeping it available in case you need it later.

How to Uninstall Intel Graphic Command Center

To remove the Intel Graphics Command Center:

  1. Click on the Windows Start button and then go to All Apps:
  2. Right-click on Intel® Graphics Command Center and click on Uninstall:

You can also uninstall it by going to Device Manager > Software Components -> right-click Intel Graphics Command Center and select Uninstall.

(To learn how to uninstall multiple programs and Windows apps at once, check my article on how to uninstall multiple programs at once.)

If you need to install it again later on, you can do it through Microsoft Store.

How to Disable Intel Graphic Command Center from Running at Startup

If you don’t mind that the Intel Graphic Command Center will take some 100MB of your disk size, the best solution is to disable it from running in the background. This will free PC resources without the need to remove IGCC.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + ESC to open the Task Manager:
  2. Go to the Startup tab.
  3. Right-click on Intel® Graphics Command Center and select Disable:

From now on, the Intel Graphic Command Center will not run at startup.

(If your GPU data does not show up in the task manager, check my article on why your GPU is not showing up in the task manager.)


In 2019, the Intel Graphics Command Center app was released to replace the previous Intel HD Graphics Control Panel, and since then, it comes pre-installed on PCs with Intel HD and UHD Graphics.

Since this application is not bundled with your Intel UHD Graphics drivers, it is safe to remove it without harming your PC.

You can uninstall Intel Graphics Command Center by clicking on the Start button > All apps > right-click on IGCC and click on Uninstall. If you need to reinstall it later, it is available on Microsoft Store.

Another option to turn it off, which does not involve uninstalling, is by disabling it in startup by going to Task Manager > Startup tab > and then disabling Intel Graphics Command Center.

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